A medical case study of a patient with asthma

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Respiratory System Case Studies: Case study level 1 – Asthma-Community

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Diagnosis of asthma in adults

A leader in the open-access world, the journal endorses the CARE guidelines. Are you a medical student. If you are and this case study is part of your studies then you should be attempting it yourself. If there was one particular step you didn't quite understand then it would be fine but it would take a while to answer the entire case study.

Download file "Allergic Asthma" to see previous pages In73 people per were diagnosed to have chronic allergic asthma with the help of the medical professional; this is current prevalence of allergic asthma.

Improve health literacy by helping peds patients and their families understand complicated medical terms. Findings: Animation can help pediatric patients, their families, and caregivers understand complicated diagnosis in an engaging and relatable way.

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A medical case study of a patient with asthma
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