Chola administrative system

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Chola Empire‚ÄďAdministration of Cholas

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The administrative system in India reached a very high level during the Chola period due to the following reasons: The system of Chola administration was highly organized and efficient. The Cholas alone were able to ignore their feudatories to a significant extent unlike the Chalukayas the.

Introduction: Chola administration Cholas had good administrative system. They had a centralised administrative system.

The Administrative System in India Reached a Very High Level during the Chola Period

King was not absolute. The practice of crown prince becoming the king was in vogue. A council of Ministers assisted the king. The efficient Chola administrative system has been well appreciated by many historians and rulers.

Kingship. The king was the head of the administration. The Chola kings and Queens were considered as representatives of God. Their idols were kept in temples. The Chola kingship was hereditary.

go TOP INTRODUCTION:The mudiraju community is found predominantly in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Karnataka states of South Indian is one of the major communities in these three states according to the strength of population of the community.

They are today village administrative employees, and cultivators but they were in the past independent rulers, feudatories.

Raja Raja Cholan I (or Rajaraja Cholan I) born as Arulmozhi Varman known as Raja Raja Cholan was a Chola Emperor from present day South India who ruled over the Chola kingdom of Ancient Tamil Nadu (parts of southern India), parts of northern India, two thirds of Sri Lankan territory, Maldives and parts of East Asia, between and his reign, the Cholas expanded beyond South.

Chola administrative system
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