Dance with my father

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The Ultimate Luther Vandross

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Dance With My Father Lyrics: Back when I was a child / Before life removed all the innocence / My father would lift me high / And dance with my mother and me and then / Spin me around ‘til I. F inding father daughter dance songs for our wedding felt remarkably tricky.

Some song choices came super easily. First dance? No brainer. Michael’s dance with his mom? Easy peasy.

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father Lyrics

But the list of available father daughter dance songs felt like they ranged from mildly creepy to just not indicative of my relationship with my dad at all.

Lyrics to "Dance With My Father" song by Star Cast: Back when I was a child Before life removed all the innocence My father would lift me high And dance. Welcome To My Dance Pages: Mission: to provide the people of Winnipeg with a look at some of what is available in our Dance Community, whether you are a Country Dancer, or a Ballroom Dancer whether you go to Shirley's or Patricia's or Ted Motyka's it doesn't matter.

The lyrics of "Dance With My Father" brought back one of the happier early memories where my Dad too, danced with me in his arms. The title song is beautifully written, soulfully performed and every time I play it, it touches my heart anew/5().

Dance with my father
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