How can you encourage active participation with your service users

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Participation Guide

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Service User and Carer Participation in Social Work

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The health care industry as a whole is finding new ways to educate, inform, and connect with service users through social media. Many hospitals and practices now maintain social media presences across multiple platforms.

Cynics might argue that active participation is a way for local and central government to save money and pass the onus for some tasks back to service users and the local community. Whilst their might be an element of truth in this, the reality is that active participation is largely a positive development.

4 National Strategy for Service User Involvement in the Irish Health Service service users across the country.

the strategy has the support of the Minister for Health and 8 National Strategy for Service User Involvement in the Irish Health Service In January 1,‘your Service your Say’ a national Comments, Compliments and. TAPPED IN: From passive customer to active participant.

What it is and why it matters There is a massive opportunity to help customers move from passive recipients of water company services to. A handbook for supporting people with learning disabilities to lead full lives Edwin Jones, Jonathan Perry, Kathy Lowe, David Allen, Sandy Toogood, David Felce The aim of Active Support is to help people lead full lives.

But Active Support is not the Such participation, or engagement, in activity is a big part of what we think of as our. SRINAGAR. Chairman Legislative Council Haji Anayat Ali today highlighted the need to encourage active participation of youngsters in sports activities in educational institutions so as to inculcate in them the spirit of competitiveness, discipline, teamwork and patriotism.

How can you encourage active participation with your service users
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