Hunting with hounds

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Hunting dog

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Fox hunting

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Hunting Wolves With Hounds

Black bear hunting with hounds is allowed during the months of September and October. One Maine black bear may be harvested per hunter. Hounddog Central is dedicated to Hound Dogs and the people that hunt them. Whether you're hunting racoon, rabbit or squirrel, you should find a hunting dog to suit your small game hunting needs.

You'll also find hunting dogs suited for larger game like deer, hog, bear and coyote. Hunting dogs are categorized into hounds, gun dogs, feists, terriers and curs. They are further broken down into scent, sight and tracking dogs.

Some of the breeds have more than one of these talents. Hunting Houndsmen is a Southern Illinois magazine that focuses on coon hunting, field trial, kennel, hound, fox hound, rabbit hunting, fox hunting and more! As if wolf hunting wasn’t controversial enough, Wisconsin super-charged the debate in when establishing a late-season wolf hunt that allows the use of trailing hounds in areas that haven’t reached their prescribed harvest quota.

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Hunting with hounds
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